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Who We Are:

Founded by Donna Mae DePola in 1994 and operated by AnnMarie Perrotto, two dedicated women who strive vigorously bring forth changes in the field of addiction.  Donna Mae DePola, working in the field of addiction for over 30+ years also has partnerships and direct connects to Detox and Rehabs on demand.  AnnMarie Perrotto, lost her son to this horrible disease on April 10, 2011, and has dedicating her time and passion to helping each individual with this disease along with their families, so no one has to suffer each day as she does.  Donna Mae and AnnMarie has handpicked each of their staff members to work at each of their facilities, that have the same love and compassion as they do, to serve their customers as they should be treated and loved.

The Resource Training Center and Christopher's Reason's mission is twofold. We provide the required educational hours for those seeking to become a Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor in New York State, and provide "Treatment on Demand" for individuals suffering from Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, and provide the required educational hours for those seeking to become a Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor in New York State.

The Resource Training Centers educational program, (TRTC) is a job training and placement non-profit organization that prepares low-income individuals, mostly former substance abusers, many of whom have also been homeless and incarcerated to enter the workforce as credentialed drug counselors (CASAC) and other substance abuse professionals. Using innovative adult learning approaches, TRTC successfully trains 300 individuals a year; has a 90% completion rate; and an unprecedented 98% pass rate on the state credentialing exam. Additionally, we are the largest Recovery Coach training provider in New York.

Christopher's Reason and The Resource Counseling Center are licensed OASAS 822 Outpatient Treatment Centers that provides counseling in all areas of Substance Abuse Counseling and Psychotherapy.  As you are all aware of the terrible life threatening epidemic, the disease of addiction has taken many of our loved ones and our family members are dying in front of our faces, as we feel hopeless and helpless and don’t know where or to whom to turn too.   

Our facilities provide Medication Assisted Treatment, Ambulatory Outpatient Detox, Telecommunication Services,  Walk in and get connected with services no appointment necessary, Referral & Assessment’s done on an individualized level of care,  Individual, Collateral and Group Counseling,  Family Intervention Services as well family services.  24/7 Peer Advocate Support Services and 24/7 Open Access Center for all that are in recovery and so much more!  

Our Counseling Centers motto is "treatment on demand" as we do not require individuals seeking help to wait a long period for an appointment, which could lead to a missed opportunity to help them.

Christopher's Reason located in Staten Island, NY has another sector of our Services called our “Recovery Living.”  A Structured Transitional Setting made up of a 20 Bed Recovery Living Center. Upon admission each individual must be engaged in any OASAS Licensed Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program of each of the Individuals Choice.  During assessment, we screen each individual and do not admit anyone who has severe medical complications or severe mental illness.  Any individual who are in need of detox prior to admission is referred to an appropriate detoxification program and once completed, they will have the option of utilizing our facility thereafter.  

We at Christopher's Reason assist our clients with their transition back into the community as they prioritize their recovery and work towards sustaining long term sobriety.  We do not have a specific time frame that we follow for the recovery living individuals.  Rather, we individualize treatment and transition each individual slowly as based on the assessment made by our multidisciplinary team weekly.  As time has passed not only has our team at CR has seen the difference, but the difference that time truly makes, in each individual’s life that stays in our Recovery Community Living Center.   

In addition to our many services, we provide assistance with housing, vocational programs and anger management.  Our goal is to ensure that the transition for individuals is a successful and complete process addressing all issues related to addiction and the impact it has caused.

Our Medical Team consists of Prescribing Medical Director, Registered Nurses, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Our Clinical Team consists of Licensed Mental Health & Masters Mental Health Counselors, Creative Art Therapist, CASAC Masters Level II and CASAC-T Counselors.  We also have over 20 Peer Advocates employed throughout our locations.

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Our Services At a Glance

The Resource Training Center 

CASAC Training: Serving the Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island 

CASAC Exam Prep Class: Serving the Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island 

Recovery Coach and Peer Series Training: Services Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island

New York State Drinking Impaired Driver Program (IDP): Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, NY.

MADD Victim Impact Panel (VIP): Serving the 5 Boroughs of New York City 

Driver Improvement Program (DIP): Serving Brooklyn  

Attitudes and Dynamics of Driving (ADD): Serving Brooklyn and Queens

Call for Info: 

718-871-7433 or 718-984-1984

Christopher's Reason & The Resource Counseling Center

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment with Bilingual Services: 

Serving Brooklyn & Staten Island

Walk in and get connected with no appointment necessary


Referral & Assessment’s Done on an individualized Level of Care 

ACCES Assessments

DWI Assessments 

Pain Management Assessments

Individual Sessions & Groups

Domestic Violence Treatment & Groups

Family Counseling & Family Collaterals

Intensive Outpatient services

Mental Health Counseling

DWI Curriculum 


Brief Interventions

Medication Assisted Treatment 

Outpatient Ambulatory Detox

Telecommunication Services

Specialized Groups

Men’s Groups

Women's Groups

Grief & Loss Groups

Trauma Groups

Family Support Groups

 Family Education Groups

Anger Management Groups

 Health & Wellness

 Parenting Classes

Family Support Groups

Family Education


Harm Reduction



24/7 Open Access Center

Peer Support Services

Peer Navigation Services

Insurance Assistance

Life Skills

How to Budgeting and Pay Off Debt

12-Step Meetings

HRA Assistance

Group Outdoor Activities (vary)

Recovery Karaoke

Recovery Bingo

Movie Night

Game Night

Narcan Training

Recovery Community Living Beds

Recovery Community living is to aid individuals that are struggling to maintain sobriety on their own with Structured Living, Behaviors, Boundaries, Authenticity, Relationships, Accountability, Consequences and much more through the recovery process with required intensive outpatient treatment with an OASAS Licensed 822 Outpatient Treatment Center of the clients choice. 

Transitional Services for individuals Legal Involvement

Court Liaison for Individuals who Need Assistance

On Demand Services

Direct Connection to Detox, Rehab, Recovery Community Living (Structured Living Beds) & Sober Living.

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Call and get connected 24hrs 7days a week @ 718-605-1989