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Support TRTC!

As we move into our third decade, we continue to welcome the support of the community, foundations and government organization. Over the last 19 years, we've helped more than over 9000 men and women find a new way to live in service of others. Contributions from all sources have helped make that goal a reality and we welcome your participation as we plan for the future.


The Resource Training Center was founded in 1994 with the goal to provide the education required to become a Credentialed Alcohol & Substance, Recovery Coach and much more. Since it's opening, TRTC has expanded to included treatment, DWI coursework, The Victim Impact Panel, Impaired Driving Program, Driving Improvement Program and Attitudes & Dynamics of Driving

Funding Sources, Past & Present

Tiger Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, The City Council of New York, VESID/ACCES, The New York State Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

Goals: 2013 and Beyond

TRTC continues to expand. Recovery Coach Training & Training of Trainers, Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment were all part of 2012. This year we will see the opening of our outpatient ancillary detox program come to fruition, a service desperately needed in out community.

Our Wish list

We are always grateful for any help and support, especially help and support that can be directly handed down to our students and clients. Office equipment, computers, supplies, donations are always welcomed and appreciated.

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