Tuition/Payment Options

Classroom Attendance

  • Tuition for the entire 350 hour course is $6700.00 (Finance options available - Please Call 718-984-1984)

  • Payment plans are worked out for students upon commencement of enrollment.

  • Tuition for a single course (RENEWAL ONLY) is based on a $18.00 per hour basis (6 hours = $108.00, etc.)

  • Books are included in the tuition cost for those taking the full 350 Hour Course for initial Credentialing.

  • As of September 1st, 2013, taking individual classes with TRTC and not the entire 350 hour program will only count toward re-credentialing hours.

(Re-credentialing only: Unavailable until further notice)

Mailing address:

408 77th Street Basement 2, Brooklyn, NY 11209


TRTC is unable to provide refunds. You may use your credit towards additional classes. If you are enrolled in the entire 350 hour program you will receive those certificates minus 10% for administrative fees.